Uncover Andorra's Nightlife: Après-Ski Experiences, Bars & More

Uncover Andorra’s Nightlife: Après-Ski Experiences, Bars & More

Jess Rodley

Written by: Jess Rodley

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Last updated: March 4, 2024

Andorra’s après-ski scene is an eclectic mix of family-friendly venues, lively bars, outrageous clubs, and sophisticated lounges.

Each resort village offers a unique nightlife experience, ensuring that every skier or snowboarder can find the perfect place to unwind after a day on the slopes.

As the alpenglow fades on the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees, Andorra’s resort villages light up with an après-ski buzz that’s as invigorating as the skiing itself.

From the family-oriented atmosphere of Arinsal to the pulsating energy of Pas de la Casa, Andorra’s nightlife offers something for everyone. Read on to learn where the nightlife is best for you.

Where to Après-Ski in Andorra

What’s great about Andorra’s nightlife is that manages to cater to a variety of different tastes and preferences despite its small size.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, sit-down type of venue with smooth jazz fading into the background or a smashing party venue that keeps it going until the sun comes up, you’ll find it here.

That said, you’ve got to know where to go because each village does things a bit differently owing to local rules and proximity to residential areas. Here’s a quick primer on where to expect what.


Cisco's, Arinsal

Arinsal is known for its welcoming bars and family-friendly atmosphere. The village’s après-ski life is centred around its main street, where you can easily hop from one venue to the next.

This doesn’t mean it’s a place to skip if you’re travelling with mates, your partner, or on your own. The party scene can get just as loose in Arinsal as it can on the other side of the country. Some of our top picks include:

  • Polar Bar: A hotspot for those looking to relax with a cocktail in hand, Polar Bar offers a selection of après-ski classics and innovative concoctions, all served with a side of stunning mountain views.
  • Ciscos: A Mexican-themed bar where the fiesta never stops, Ciscos is the place to enjoy a lively atmosphere with a margarita or a cold cerveza. The vibrant decor and upbeat music make it a favourite for a fun night out.
  • Derby Irish Pub: A traditional Irish pub offering a warm atmosphere and a great selection of beers. With its hearty pub grub and live music sessions, it’s the perfect spot to mingle with fellow skiers and share tales of the day’s adventures.
  • El Cabin: Cosy and inviting, with a reputation for great après-ski gatherings, El Cabin is known for its friendly staff and an extensive menu of drinks and snacks. It’s a place where you can kick back by the fireplace and enjoy the cosy alpine vibe.
  • Hunters Sports Bar & Grill: The place to catch up on sports events with a hearty meal. Hunters offer a lively sports bar atmosphere with multiple screens, ensuring you don’t miss any action while enjoying a selection of local and international beers.
  • Surf Arinsal: Originally an Argentine steak house, Surf has since added an outdoor club zone. The DJ sets for après-ski are a blast, and will often keep blasting until 3 am.


Dagda Irish Pub in Canillo

Canillo offers a more laid-back après-ski experience, with a selection of bars that provide a warm and cosy escape from the cold. It boasts over 60 restaurants and is one of the more family-friendly places in Andorra.

If you’re looking for a town to stroll around in and have a great conversation with your travel buddies, this could be the place. Here are the places we recommend:

  • Blót: A favourite for its stylish interior and craft beer menu, Blót is the epitome of alpine chic. The bar’s warm incandescent lighting and comfortable seating make it an ideal spot for a relaxed evening.
  • Boca Negra Loungebar: Perfect for those who enjoy an upmarket lounge atmosphere, Boca Negra serves up a range of expertly crafted cocktails and a curated selection of wines, accompanied by a backdrop of smooth tunes.
  • Dagda Irish Pub: Where good beer and good company are always on tap, Dagda Irish Pub brings a slice of Ireland to the heart of the Pyrenees. It’s a place where laughter and conversation flow as freely as the drinks.


Encamp may be quieter than some of its neighbours, but it’s popular with the locals and boasts a selection of bars that shouldn’t be overlooked.

This isn’t a true resort town, many of the people you’ll come across here are residents of Andorra. This gives Encamp a chilled-out vibe but also allows you to get a feel for what life is really like in Andorra. Some venues worth checking out:

  • Bar Restaurant Funicamp: A great spot to unwind after downloading off the Funicamp gondola, this bar offers a warm welcome with its selection of local brews and hearty dishes that reflect the region’s culinary heritage.
  • La Moreneta Brewpub: Offers a selection of craft beers in a relaxed setting. La Moreneta is the go-to place for beer aficionados, with its in-house brewed ales and lagers that are perfect for a post-ski refreshment.
  • SIGNUM: Where the après-ski vibe meets modern elegance, SIGNUM takes it one step further than La Moreneta. Their extensive craft beer menu is a must-see for beer lovers, while its sophisticated ambience and an extensive menu of signature cocktails ensure that everyone else is well catered for.

El Tarter

Veuve Cliquot at El Tarter

El Tarter is home to some of the most contemporary venues, making it a nightlife hotspot for tourists as well as locals in Andorra.

While there are plenty of options to check out in El Tarter itself, it’s important to remember that you’re not far from many other towns in Canillo as well, so a taxi ride can take you to many other bars and clubs in the following list:

  • L’Abarset: Famous for its international DJs and vibrant après-ski parties, L’Abarset is the epicentre of El Tarter’s nightlife. The venue’s expansive terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the mountain air while sipping on a well-deserved drink.
  • Riba Escorxada: A great place for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere with a view. Riba Escorxada’s panoramic windows offer stunning vistas of the slopes, making it an ideal location for a sunset cocktail.
  • The Boss Après Ski: Where the party atmosphere is complemented by excellent drinks. The Boss is known for its themed parties and is a favourite among those looking to dance until the early hours.
  • Veuve Cliquot in the Snow: For a touch of luxury and indulgence in the snow, this exclusive bar offers a range of premium champagnes, perfect for celebrating those special moments.

Grau Roig

Vodka Bar, Grau Roig

In addition to gnarly ski slopes, Grau Roig offers an exclusive après-ski experience with its selection of high-end bars and lounges.

Being an upmarket resort town, you won’t find much riff-raff here. Everyone’s typically well dressed and ready for a good time, only without the chaos. Here are some recommendations:

  • Copper Bar: Known for its unique cocktails and chic decor, Copper Bar is the epitome of mountain luxury. The bar’s expert mixologists are on hand to craft the perfect drink to suit your mood.
  • Iglú Hotel and Bar: Experience the novelty of getting tipsy in an igloo. This unique venue offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience, surrounded by ice sculptures and fur-lined seating.
  • Vodka Bar: A sleek spot for vodka enthusiasts looking for something other than the tired old house pour. With its extensive selection of vodkas from around the world, it’s a haven for those looking to try something new.

La Massana (Pal)

Mon Bohemi, La Masanna

La Massana isn’t known for its party atmosphere, yet being connected by a gondola with Pal, it’s the natural place for many skiers to finish their day and begin their evening.

The village has a rustic charm and a few après-ski offerings, perfect for those looking to relax in more of a local mountain setting, away from the tourists. Our top picks include:

  • Donpi Bar: A warm and inviting bar with a local feel. Donpi is the place to enjoy local beers or spirits, at the very base of the gondola.
  • Mon Bohemi: With an eclectic vibe, you’ll find a laid-back après-ski experience. The interesting decor, including a graffiti’d BMW E30, as well as the chilled local clientele, make Mon Bohemi a sanctuary for those looking to escape the crowds.
  • Tabola: If age is on your side, Tabola is a rowdy club that is perfect for a night of fun, with loud live music and DJ sets.

Pas de la Casa

Après-ski at Pas de la Casa

Conveniently located in Encamp, Pas de la Casa is the go-to destination for those seeking a memorable, high-energy après-ski experience.

It’s no wonder that a lot of package ski holidays place the singles here in the Pas! If you’re coming to Andorra to party hard, you’ll love some of the options here. We particularly like the following places:

  • CBBC Costa Rodona: A beach club vibe in the heart of the mountains, CBBC Costa Rodona is the ultimate après-ski party destination, offering a unique blend of sun, snow, and sound.
  • Dubliner: Where the Irish charm meets the Andorran spirit, the Dubliner is a lively pub that’s known for its friendly atmosphere and extensive selection of Irish whiskeys.
  • Milwaukee: Offers a lively clubbing experience for the night owls. With its state-of-the-art sound system and regular themed nights, Milwaukee is a must-visit for those looking to dance the night away.
  • Paddy’s Irish Bar: Known for its vibrant atmosphere and great music, Paddy’s is the heart and soul of Pas de la Casa’s nightlife, offering live bands and DJ sets throughout the season.
  • Pas 83: A modern bar with a chic and comfortable setting, Pas 83 is the perfect spot for a sophisticated evening, offering an impressive menu of cocktails and fine spirits.
  • Underground Bar & Club: The ultimate spot for a night of dancing and fun, Underground is renowned for its lively ambience and is a favourite among the younger crowd.


Soldeu is a popular ski town placed centrally in the Grandvalira ski area. It boasts an après-ski scene that seamlessly blends relaxed sophistication and rustic charm.

When you head out at night in Soldeu, chances are you’ll be just as amazed at the architecture and history of the buildings you’re in, than the atmosphere. Here’s what’s popular:

  • Fat Alberts: A bistro and bar set in a 300-year-old barn, offering comfort food and live music. Fat Alberts is a staple of Soldeu’s nightlife, with its welcoming atmosphere and regular après-ski events.
  • L’Ovella Negra: A great spot for those looking to enjoy a drink in a relaxed, friendly, and frankly, incredible environment. L’Ovella Negra is known for its selection of local beers and spirits, as well as its delicious tapas.
  • Sol i Neu Club Hermitage: Offers an exclusive après-ski experience with stunning views. This upscale venue is the perfect place to indulge in a cocktail while taking in the breathtaking scenery.
  • The Villager Tapas & Wine: Perfect for those who appreciate fine wine and tapas. The Villager offers a cosy atmosphere and an extensive wine list, making it an ideal spot for a more intimate après-ski experience.

Andorra’s Skiing Nightlife

HRC Andorra

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly atmosphere, a sophisticated lounge, or a club to dance the night away, Andorra’s resort villages have it all.

Andorra’s après-ski and nightlife are as diverse and exciting as its skiing. So, when the ski boots come off, get ready to explore the best of Andorra’s skiing nightlife!