Andorra technically doesn’t have an airport, but despite that, getting there is fairly simple. One of the most popular routes is to fly from wherever you are to Barcelona-El Prat airport and then travel to Andorra by road.

You can do this by hiring a private or shared transit service following your arrival at Barcelona-El Prat, or you can reserve your transfer while you’re booking your flight ticket.

Barcelona airport aerial view

This way you can avoid long wait times following your arrival here; it’s the best way to start your winter holiday in a streamlined and stress-free manner.

Available Modes of Transport

Barcelona to Andorra is a ~200-kilometer excursion which can only be carried out by road. The exact duration of this journey will depend on whether you take a direct bus or opt for a private transfer.

The fastest way to get there is by car. Assuming optimal traffic and weather conditions, it’ll take you 2.5 to 3 hours to get to Andorra la Vella and longer if your drop-off point is Soldeu or Pas de la Casa.

It depends on where in Andorra you’re going, but the discrepancy in travel time will be negligible considering how tiny the country is — it’s called a micronation for a reason.

Rental Car: Self-Driven

If you want as much flexibility and independence as possible, then hiring a rental car is your best bet — as long as you’re an experienced driver and know how to tackle snowy roads.

You also need to hold a valid driver’s license from a country that is a part of the European Union or the European Economic Area to drive in Andorra for up to 6 months. If your home country does not belong to the EU or EAA, you can still drive here for up to one year with a valid license international driving permit.

Private Transfer

Private Barcelona to Andorra transfer

Choosing private transfer services is the most relaxing way to travel from Barcelona to Andorra. The only information we’ll need from your end is your time of arrival time and the terminal number.

You’ll have a little meet and greet at the airport with your chauffeur waiting to escort you to your vehicle.

You’ll be allocated a vehicle depending on the size of your group, and you will be dropped off at your chosen resort. Prices will depend on your group size — feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Shared Shuttle

Shared shuttle bus motion blur

Shared shuttles are a great value option if you’re looking for something more economical. It will, however, require some planning and foresight — you’ll need to match your arrival time with your transfer time.

It’s also worth noting that you might need to hop on to a different bus when you reach Andorra la Vella depending on what your drop-off point is.

Barcelona to Andorra Transfers Made Easy

Airport transfers are just one of the many ways we can help you streamline your winter holiday in Andorra; sit back and relax while we do the legwork for you.

Whether it’s renting top-notch ski equipment, finding the best apres-ski spots, or availing great deals on resort bookings.

For information on pricing or advice on how to best utilise your time here, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your travel itinerary.