Ski hire options are abundant in Andorra, but renting from the right place and doing so in advance means you’ll get your hands on high-quality equipment for an unbeatable price.

Here at Andorra Escapes, we’ve partnered up with some of the most well-reputed ski hire services in the country. In addition to sorting out your airport transfers, stays, and ski passes, we’re fully equipped to help you pre-book everything you’ll need to keep yourself safe and comfortable on the slopes.

Why Ski Hire is the Way to Go

Hiring ski equipment makes a ton of sense for anyone who’s still getting familiar with the sport and for people who are on the fence about committing to it.

Considering how much of a beating skis take after each run, owning ski equipment requires a fair bit of upkeep, repairs, and tune-ups. Not to mention the endless desire to upgrade to better and better stuff as your skills progress. Or if you’re at an age where you might literally grow out of your gear.

You should consider renting if you see yourself skiing only once every few years, or if carrying your own equipment on every winter holiday seems like a chore. Renting will allow you to travel light and save on baggage fees at the airport.

Though not exactly cheap, it’s a great way to try out different equipment. You won’t have to put in hours of research before making the purchase, which lowers the barrier to entry.

Top Shelf Equipment Rental

Andorra ski hire

Just because it’s rented doesn’t mean it’s substandard quality. The ski shops here stock everything from entry-level to high-end equipment for every size imaginable, depending on how soon you rent.

You can choose between basic, seasonal, high-performance, and demo packages — the range of options is pretty wide.

Pro tip: Consider owning your own pair of ski boots and renting just the skis. That way you retain an element of personalisation and it’ll be much easier to pack, with no fitment issues.


Depending on your skill level and preferred style of skiing, you can choose one of the following:

Carving skis: These feature anchored edges, a stiff flex, a narrow waist width, a camber profile that makes them springy, and a shorter turning radius. All of this combined helps you turn easily and is perfect if you ski exclusively groomed terrain.

All-mountain skis: These come in many different flavors, aimed at specific styles of skiing. They could have a carving emphasis or an off-piste emphasis. They’re typically wider and can be either very stiff or very soft with a variety of different materials. Ideal for skiers who like to “do it all”.

Get in touch with us to explore rental options and learn more about the right kind of skis for you.


Choosing ski poles comes down to the shaft material, adjustability, length, and basket types (this will determine how you grip them).

Not all poles are made equal. Since they’re designed to aid balance and mobility, their weight distribution and length are crucial.

Depending on your stature, some will work for you and others won’t. We’ll help you find the perfect ones for your needs.


Snowboarder resting under a lift in Pal Arinsal

Whether you’re a park rat or you love exploring steep backcountry powder, you’ll find something that suits your style. Shops here stock everything from all-mountain to freestyle boards and even splitboards.

Choose your desired rocker and camber style, width, shape, length, and a ton of other features. Alternatively, if you’re new to snowboarding and seek some advice on what type of equipment to rent, feel free to get in touch with us.


Though helmets are not compulsory, we always recommend our customers to head out on the slopes with a well-fitting brain bucket on. All it takes is checking a box next to your chosen equipment when you rent it.

Due to the increasing popularity of helmets during ski season, they tend to sell out fast, which is why we recommend pre-booking yours along with the other equipment.


Steep black ski run

Though we think it’s worth having your own ski boots, there’s no shortage of sizes and options when it comes to renting them.

Ski shops typically have well-curated shoe, binding, and ski combinations ready to roll at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is know exactly what size you need.

Storage and Lockers

Being able to store your rented equipment comes in handy if your accommodation does not have direct access to the slopes — even more so if you don’t have a car.

Most ski equipment rental shops that we’ve partnered with provide storage lockers that you can access as needed. Since these are typically located right next to the slopes, you can stash your equipment in there and head on over for your après-ski plans without having to worry.

Ski Hire in Andorra Made Easy

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Not sure what type of equipment you need? We’ve got you. All you need to do is tell us what you expect out of your skiing experience in Andorra and we’ll hook you up with the right kind of paraphernalia.

In addition to equipment, we can also help you out with training and ski passes in Andorra. Get in touch with us to know more.