Ordino Arcalís Ski Resort

Ordino Arcalís Ski Resort

Ordino Arcalís stands out as a distinctive ski resort nestled in the heart of Andorra. Situated at the end of the tranquil Ordino valley, this resort is far removed Andorra’s shopping district, offering a serene retreat for winter sports enthusiasts.

Its higher altitude not only ensures some of the best snow conditions in the country but also contributes to a quieter and more peaceful skiing experience.

Owned by Grandvalira Resorts, Arcalís extends the advantage of being accessible with all Grandvalira lift passes, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking exceptional slopes and an undisturbed atmosphere.

Skiing and Snowboarding Experience


For novice skiers and snowboarders, Arcalís presents an inviting challenge with the Mega Verde — an 8km green run that gently winds from the summit to the base of the resort. This route, while a bit narrow and flat in parts, is perfect for building confidence.

Along the way, beginners can discover enchanting spots such as a hidden ice cave and the striking giant ‘O’ metal sculpture, offering not just a skiing adventure but a journey of exploration. As skills progress, there are opportunities to venture onto slightly more challenging runs, with the option to return to the green path whenever needed.


Intermediate skiers at Arcalís are spoilt for choice. To the left-hand side of the resort lie welcoming wide blues and reds, ideal for those confident on their skis yet seeking a leisurely pace.

For those ready to tackle something a bit more thrilling, the right-hand side offers slightly steeper slopes, challenging yet enjoyable. Despite having only 30km of piste, Arcalís boasts a variety of combinations to keep intermediate skiers engaged and entertained throughout their visit.

Arcalis ski piste


Advanced skiers and snowboarders will find Arcalís to be a paradise of untapped potential. The resort is a playground of limitless exploration, making it worthwhile to hire a guide to fully experience its hidden gems.

It’s no surprise that Arcalís is a chosen stage for the Freeride World Tour, given its reliable snow conditions thanks to the resort’s high altitude.

For the adrenaline seekers, Arcalís offers the exhilarating experience of Speedriding – a fusion of skiing and paragliding, taught by specialist instructors for those seeking an extra thrill on the slopes.

Freeride Areas

Arcalís is renowned for its three distinct Freeride areas, each offering a unique off-piste experience. These areas cater to both novices and seasoned freeriders, making them an excellent choice for those looking to venture beyond the groomed trails.

The first area, designed for learners, is accessible via the Els Feixans drag lift. This smaller zone is perfect for getting a taste of off-piste skiing in a controlled environment. The second area, reached by the Creussans chairlift, offers a more expansive run that takes you tantalisingly close to the France/Andorra border.

A third area, amongst the trees next to the L’Hortell T-bar, promises the fun of off-piste runs, without massive risk. It’s marked on the resort map and is a controlled yet untamed area to explore.

Ski Touring

Ordino Arcalís also caters to ski touring enthusiasts with two specially designated routes, each offering a different level of challenge and scenic beauty.

La Coma

This green route is ideal for those new to ski touring. It spans from L’Hortell to Els Planells and then to La Basera, finally culminating at La Coma. Skiers can enjoy this route alongside the pistes, experiencing a gentle introduction to the sport amidst the stunning natural beauty of the resort.

Les Portelles

A more challenging option, this blue route starts at La Coma and heads towards Les Portelles. It’s a journey outside the standard pistes, intersecting the ski runs three times, offering a blend of adventure and exploration. This route is perfect for those who have some ski touring experience and are looking to elevate their skills in a more varied terrain.


Ordino Arcalís boasts a variety of dining options, each offering unique culinary experiences in the stunning mountain environment.

L’Hortell Restaurant

Located at the foot of the Tristaina cable car, L’Hortell’s cafeteria is known for its healthy, organic offerings. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast or warm up with a hot drink. At lunch, choose from a range of healthy menus catering to all tastes. Enjoy delicious dishes in the extraordinary mountain setting of Ordino Arcalís.

  • Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Cafeteria Fast Food Els Planells

Situated beside the beginner’s area, Els Planells specialises in “healthy” fast food with 100% organic products. Fuel up for your ski day with a wide selection of sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, and salads. Don’t miss the dish of the day and weekend BBQs.

  • Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm.

La Coma Restaurant

As a jewel of the resort, La Coma offers mountain cuisine and speciality rice dishes. This restaurant prides itself on a selection of local beef and lamb from Andorra and the Pyrenees. It’s the perfect spot to recharge outdoors, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the La Coma area.

  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Les Portelles Refuge

The highest gourmet refuge in Andorra at 2500 m, Les Portelles is known for its welcoming mountain atmosphere and charming setting. Enjoy gourmet breakfast options and lunch dishes with an Andorran touch. The terrace offers magnificent views of the Tristaina cirque glacier, and the rustic interior provides a cozy spot for traditional meals.

  • Opening Hours: 10 am to 4 pm.

Access to the Resort

The Ordino Arcalís resort is located in the north of Andorra, very close to the French border. Access is generally via free bus or private car.

By Bus

From Ordino: A free circular bus service connects Ordino with Arcalís, offering convenience for those without a vehicle. The schedule is as follows:

  • Ordino to Arcalís: Departures at 08:30, 09:30, and 10:30.
  • Arcalís to Ordino: Return trips at 15:00, 16:00, and 17:00. This service operates daily, ensuring easy and reliable access to the slopes.

By Car

Reaching Ordino Arcalís by car is straightforward. The main routes to the resort are:

  • From Spain: Via the C-145 from Lleida or the C-16 from the Cadí Tunnel or Puigcerdà, Barcelona. La Seu d’Urgell is about 40 km from the resort.
  • From France: Via the N-22, crossing the border at Pas de la Casa.
  • From Andorra la Vella: Take CG-3 north towards La Massana.
  • From La Massana: Head north on CG-3, then turn right towards Ordino, remaining on CG-3.
  • From Ordino: Start on CG-3, driving through La Cortinada, Llorts and El Serrat. Continue driving north on this same road as it leads directly to Arcalís.

Ample parking is available at the resort, providing a hassle-free experience for those choosing to drive. Be aware that snow socks or chains are required to access the resort.

Piste Map

Ordino Arcalís Piste Map