Mountain Biking in Andorra

Mountain Biking in Andorra

Caio Kondo

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Last updated: May 29, 2024

Andorra’s rugged landscapes and varied terrain have made it a hot spot for mountain biking enthusiasts globally. Equipped with cross-country, enduro, downhill, and singletrack runs, Andorra offers a comprehensive MTB experience and caters to every discipline of the sport.

It’s no wonder that MTB legends like Cedric Gracia, Greg Minaar and Loic Bruni call Andorra home. Here, we delve into the details of Andorra’s mountain biking trails, providing you with all the details you need for your next biking adventure.

Engolasters Circuit

Engolasters circuit in Andorra

Experience: Tranquil and accessible
Total Distance: 15 km
Trail Types: Primarily cross-country
Difficulty Ratings: Green (easy) to Blue (moderate)
Highlights: Panoramic views of the valley and a serene lake

The Engolasters Circuit is a family-friendly track that boasts breathtaking vistas and a relaxed ride. It’s ideal for beginners and advanced riders looking to warm up.

It’s known for its scenic routes that offer panoramic views of the valley, making it a perfect spot for those who want to combine their love for biking with the appreciation of Andorra’s natural splendour. Riders can anticipate journeying across scenic terrains, where the azure sky blends with the verdant mountains.

Trails here are well-suited for families and those new to mountain biking, offering a gentle introduction to the sport with enough variety to keep the ride interesting.

The circuit’s proximity to Engolasters Lake adds a layer of serenity to the ride. As you pedal along, the easy-to-moderate trails ensure you’re never too far from a comfortable rest spot or a stunning viewpoint.

It’s an ideal place to combine a love for biking with a passion for nature; all while enjoying the accessible trails that make mountain biking in Andorra a pleasure for all ages and skill levels.

Grandvalira E-Bike Trails

An e-bike trail in Andorra

Experience: Power-assisted exploration
Total Distance: 94 km
Trail Types: A mix of cross-country and enduro
Difficulty Ratings: Green (easy) to Black (expert)
Highlights: Designed for electric bikes, these trails allow for longer rides and tackling challenging terrains with ease

Grandvalira’s e-bike trails are at the forefront of incorporating electric bikes into the mountain biking scene. Andorra is steep, so it’s only natural that e-bikes are having their moment here.

These trails are designed to accommodate eMTBs, allowing riders to cover greater distances and tackle challenging terrains. All trails are well-marked and cater to various difficulty levels, ensuring every rider can find a route matching their skill and endurance levels.

The extensive network of trails here means you can spend the entire day discovering new paths and vistas without retracing your steps. A colour-coded difficulty system that allows riders to easily select trails that match their skill level, creating a personalised experience.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to enjoy the mountain scenery without the strain, or an expert rider seeking a new challenge, Grandvalira’s e-bike trails offer a novel way to experience the mountains.

The power assistance of e-bikes opens up the thrill of mountain biking to a broader audience, ensuring that the beauty of Andorra’s landscapes can be enjoyed by many.

Pal Arinsal Bike Park

Pal Arinsal bike park

Experience: The heart of Andorra’s MTB scene
Total Trails: 46 km
Trail Types: Downhill, enduro, cross-country, and a dedicated Wood Park
Difficulty Ratings: Green (easy) to Black (expert), including World Cup level trails
Highlights: Professional instruction available, a Fun Zone for kids, and the BMX and pump track at Arinsal for skill development

Previously known as the Vallnord Bike Park, the Pal Arinsal Bike Park is where Andorra’s mountain biking heart beats the strongest. It’s a place where the MTB community comes together to challenge themselves on world-class downhill trails and to improve their skills on technical courses.

The park’s diverse terrain ensures that every rider, regardless of their experience level, finds a trail that feels custom-made for their adventure.

It’s not just about the trails; it’s about the complete mountain biking culture. With professional instruction easily accessible, riders can learn from the best while refining their techniques and building confidence.

For families, the Fun Zone and pump track at Arinsal provide a safe and exciting environment for young riders to fall in love with the sport. Affectionately known as Vallnord Bike Park, it’s a microcosm of mountain biking itself—diverse, challenging, and immensely rewarding.

Arinsal’s BMX and Pump Track

Pump track at Arinsal

Experience: Rad
Total Distance: A compact yet comprehensive setup
Trail Types: BMX, pump track & XC circuits
Difficulty Ratings: Suitable for all levels, with areas to challenge even the most experienced riders
Highlights: A great place for riders to practise and show off technical tricks in a controlled environment

A specialised area at the base of the Arinsal resort, this zone is designed for those who want to push their technical riding skills to the limit or simply to get stoked and have fun.

With a series of rollers and berms, the pump track, allows riders to experience the thrill of riding without pedalling, using only the momentum and their body movements to navigate the course.

It’s an exhilarating way to improve handling and increase efficiency on the trails. The BMX track offers a different kind of challenge, with jumps and tight turns demanding precision and control. The jumps are well-designed, so newbies and seasoned pros can all have fun here, safely.

In addition, a short but fun cross-country sprint course has recently been built. Chances are you’ll be staying nearby this zone, so it can be a great place to have a beer, something to eat, and some fun laps to finish your day.


Bottomed-out forks on a berm

Mountain biking in Andorra is an experience that combines the thrill of the sport with the untouched beauty of the Pyrenees.

Whether you’re peacefully pedalling through the family-friendly trails of the Engolasters Circuit, covering as much distance as possible through Grandvalira’s e-bike trails, or ripping through some technical trails in the Pal Arinsal Bike Park, you’re sure to have an absolute blast riding bikes in Andorra.