Best Ski Resorts in the Pyrenees: Top Andorran, French & Spanish Towns

Pyrenees Ski Resorts: Top Andorran, French & Spanish Towns

Jess Rodley

Written by: Jess Rodley

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Vivek Shingada

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Last updated: March 4, 2024

The quest for the best Pyrenees ski resorts can take you through three different countries, each with its unique charm and ski culture.

Whether you’re looking for the expansive, family-friendly slopes of the French Pyrenees ski resorts, the sun-drenched Spanish Pyrenees, or the duty-free luxury of Andorra’s alpine retreats, there’s something for everyone in this diverse mountain range.

The Pyrenees mountains form a natural border between France and Spain, with the tiny principality of Andorra nestled in between. And among all 3 countries are a plethora of resorts that make it a winter sports enthusiast’s paradise.

Read on to discover the best ski resorts in the Pyrenees across Andorra, France, and Spain.

Andorra’s Alpine Appeal

Andorra is an underrated mountain playground with a unique culture influenced by its French and Spanish neighbours.

It boasts near-endless freeride terrain, uncrowded pistes, and an average altitude of 1,996 meters, making it an itinerary destination for ski enthusiasts from around the world. Some of the best ski resorts in Andorra include the following.

1. Grandvalira

Slopes of Grandvalira

Country: Andorra
Best For: All levels, families, and après-ski
Snow Reliability: Excellent

Grandvalira ski resort is the largest in Andorra, with a vast expanse of white that stretches over 200 kilometres of runs. It’s a place where skiers of all levels can find their stride, from the gentle nursery slopes to the adrenaline-pumping black runs.

The resort is a fusion of six areas, each with its own personality, from the family-oriented Canillo to the freestyle haven of El Tarter.

Après-ski here is as vibrant as the skiing, with a plethora of bars and restaurants to choose from, ensuring the fun continues long after the slopes close.

The high-altitude location of Grandvalira means that the season here is long and snow is usually plentiful, complemented by extensive snowmaking facilities that guarantee quality skiing throughout the season.

2. Pal Arinsal

Skiing in Pal Arinsal

Country: Andorra
Best For: Beginners, intermediates
Snow Reliability: Good

Pal Arinsal (formerly Vallnord) is the perfect spot for those new to the sport or looking to improve their skills in a more intimate setting. The resort offers tree-lined runs and a friendly atmosphere, with a strong community feel that makes it a favourite among families and groups.

Both Pal and Arinsal’s ski schools are excellent, offering a range of lessons and programs to help skiers progress.

The resort’s slopes are a mix of gentle greens and blues, with a few reds for those ready to challenge themselves, all serviced by a network of modern lifts.

Snowmaking on key slopes ensures that the skiing experience remains consistent throughout the season, making Pal Arinsal a reliable choice for a winter getaway.

3. Ordino Arcalís

Ski lift at Ordino

Country: Andorra
Best For: Advanced skiers, freeriders
Snow Reliability: Excellent

Ordino Arcalís is where the wild heart of the Pyrenees beats the strongest, offering challenging terrain and pristine conditions that are a magnet for thrill-seekers and powder hounds.

The resort is less about groomed pistes and more about the adventure that awaits off the beaten track, with some of the best off-piste skiing in the Pyrenees.

The resort is also home to some of the best heli-skiing in the region, offering an unforgettable experience for those looking to push their limits.

With excellent snow reliability and a range of advanced and expert runs, Ordino Arcalís is the place to be for those who want to test their mettle against the mountain.

French Pyrenees Ski Resorts

Not too different from what you’ll see in Andorra, the French Pyrenees slopes are just as cruisy and affordable. The region here features the same maritime climate as Andorra which also means it gets more snow annually than the Alps.

So if you’re in France and want a cheaper alternative to the Alps without crossing the border, the following resorts should be on your radar.

4. Saint-Lary-Soulan

Saint-Lary-Soulan ski resort

Country: France
Best For: Families, thermal spa enthusiasts
Snow Reliability: Good

Saint-Lary-Soulan is a harmonious blend of a traditional Pyrenean village and a modern ski resort. It’s a place where families can enjoy a well-rounded ski experience, with slopes that cater to all abilities and a village atmosphere that exudes warmth and charm.

It’s particularly known for its thermal baths, providing a soothing experience after a day on the slopes. The terrain here is diverse, offering everything from gentle beginner runs to more challenging terrain for the experienced skier.

The proximity to the Neouvielle Nature Reserve adds a touch of scenic beauty to your ski experience, making Saint-Lary-Soulan a resort that combines the best of nature with top-notch skiing facilities.

5. Ax 3 Domaines

Ax 3 Domaines

Country: France
Best For: Families, intermediates
Snow Reliability: Good

Ax 3 Domaines is a sun-kissed resort known for its friendly atmosphere and terrain that caters to all levels. It’s split into three areas, each with its distinct character and range of runs, making it a versatile choice for mixed-ability groups or families.

The resort’s modern lift system ensures that skiers spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the slopes. Snow cannons supplement the natural snowfall, ensuring good skiing conditions throughout the season.

The après-ski scene in Ax 3 Domaines, while quieter than some of its larger counterparts, still offers a charming end to the day with a selection of restaurants and bars.

6. Les Angles

Les Angles

Country: France
Best For: Families, beginners
Snow Reliability: Good

Les Angles stands out for its commitment to providing a high-quality skiing experience, with modern facilities and a focus on slope preparation and maintenance.

The resort has evolved significantly over the years, with investments in its lift system and snowmaking capabilities, ensuring a smooth skiing experience for all visitors.

The village retains its traditional charm, offering a peaceful retreat with all the modern amenities you’d expect from a top ski resort.

The slopes here are particularly well-suited for beginners, with a dedicated area for children to learn and play, making Les Angles an ideal family destination.

7. Peyragudes


Country: France
Best For: Families, beginners, and snow park enthusiasts
Snow Reliability: Good

Peyragudes is a modern resort known for its well-groomed slopes and state-of-the-art facilities, including a snow park that’s a hit with snowboarders and freestyle skiers.

The resort spans two valleys and offers a variety of runs that are both scenic and enjoyable for all skill levels, from gentle greens to more demanding reds and blacks.

The innovative approach to resort management, with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, ensures that Peyragudes remains a top choice for those who care about the environment as much as they do about skiing.

The comprehensive snowmaking system guarantees good snow conditions throughout the season, making Peyragudes a reliable destination for a family ski holiday.

Spanish Pyrenees Ski Resorts

Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country, bested only by Switzerland. Though most people visit here for its sunny costas, few know that the Spanish Pyrenees are home to some of the best ski resorts in Southern Europe.

Places like La Pinilla, Navacerrada, Valcotos, and Valdesquí are all popular ski areas comparable with those you’ll see in Andorra and even with some mid-sized Alpine resorts.

8. Baqueira-Beret


Country: Spain
Best For: All levels, luxury seekers
Snow Reliability: Very good

Baqueira-Beret is the crown jewel of Spanish skiing, combining diverse terrain with a touch of luxury. It’s a place where skiers of all levels can find their perfect run, from wide, sweeping beginners’ slopes to challenging off-piste areas for the adventurous.

The resort’s reputation for its snow conditions is well-deserved, thanks to its favourable Atlantic climate that brings abundant snowfall each season.

The après-ski scene is just as impressive, with a range of high-quality dining options and lively bars.

Baqueira-Beret’s status as a favourite among the Spanish royal family and celebrities adds a touch of glamour to the Pyrenees, making it a destination where you can ski in style.

9. La Molina

La Molina

Country: Spain
Best For: Families and beginners
Snow Reliability: Good

La Molina is a resort with a rich history, being the first ski resort in Spain. It offers a friendly atmosphere and a variety of slopes suitable for beginners and families.

As part of the Alp 2500 ski area, La Molina provides plenty of terrain to explore, with well-designed runs that cater to those taking their first steps on the snow.

The resort has also made a name for itself by hosting world-class events, including the Snowboarding World Championships, which speaks to the quality of its facilities.

Efficient snowmaking ensures that the slopes remain in top condition throughout the season, making La Molina a dependable choice for a family ski holiday.

10. Cerler

Cerler ski resort

Country: Spain
Best For: Families and children
Snow Reliability: Good

Cerler is a resort that’s as beautiful as it is accommodating, with scenic beauty and family-friendly slopes that make it a top choice for a family ski holiday.

The resort’s highest point offers breathtaking views of the Maladeta mountain range, providing a stunning backdrop to your ski experience. Cerler’s ski school is well-designed for young learners, with a focus on fun and safety.

The resort’s slopes are varied, with something for every member of the family, from gentle beginner areas to more challenging runs for the experienced skier.

The commitment to well-groomed slopes ensures that conditions are consistently good, making Cerler a resort where families can create lasting memories.

11. Formigal

Formigal, Spain

Country: Spain
Best For: Beginners, advanced skiers, and freeriders
Snow Reliability: Good

Formigal is a resort that prides itself on offering something for everyone. With a vast ski area that includes diverse terrain, it caters to both beginners and those seeking off-piste adventures.

The resort is part of the Aramón group, which includes several other ski areas, providing a vast playground for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

The focus on customer service is evident throughout Formigal, with a wide range of après-ski activities to choose from.

Comprehensive snowmaking systems ensure that the slopes are well-covered throughout the season, making Formigal a resort where you can experience the full joy of skiing in the Pyrenees.

Summing Up

Whether you’re carving down the slopes of Andorra, enjoying the family-friendly atmosphere of the French Pyrenees, or basking in the sun of a Spanish resort with après in hand, you’ll be sure to find some great turns here.

Each country’s resorts bring its distinct flavour, ensuring that whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer, your Pyrenees ski holidays will be filled with adventure, excitement, and unforgettable memories.